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Inventure Ashoka Shaala is one of the Best Preschool, Daycare, Playgroup School in Mandya. More than a decade-old institution, we follow the dictum, "You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives."

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IAS is built on the basis that the future of this world rests completely on the quality of its youth. We strongly believe that ‘Quality’ comes only through right care and attention. In order to raise children of purpose and quality and to transform them to grow into the kind of citizens this world needs a lot today than ever before, it’s quintessential to educate children not merely with instructions but make it a point to train them in that same direction with all the care and attention they deserve. IAS performs this mission with experience and expertise.

IAS believes in the motto of “Inspired Learning”. Hence, we empower and enable students to inculcate a lifetime habit of learning that’s crucial for holistic development. We accomplish this by incorporating high standards of teaching methodologies, global culture and technology collaboration in every single aspect of learning. IAS is geared at making learning more impactful for children and helping them achieve greatness in every walk of life.

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For the Academic Year 2022 - 2023

At AIS, every child is considered equal and anyone is welcome to join us. That is why we have tried to administer an admissions procedure that is reasonable, impartial and fair-minded so that your child feels encouraged to begin learning with a clean slate. Our staff attends to these enquiries and informs parents to fill up the Registration Forms available on the website or at the Admission Office of the School.

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Our Journey

The main motto was to provide skill-based education for children.


IAS is committed to fulfilling the educational requirements of every child.

How We Are



We have the best in class facilities / amenities and serene atmosphere.

Our Values

We impart values of integrity, diversity, compassion and leadership.

Nurturing Young Minds

At IAS, we take sheer interest in equipping every single child with the skills that arm him/her to face the challenges of the world successfully and rewrite its future. Our specialized learning process gives every child the opportunity to present their striking versatile skills at almost every juncture of their school journey.

Our well designed student programs and modules deliver children with the knowledge to learn as well as discover themselves, consequently creating a strong inclination to learn/study and prepare them to work independently. Schooling at IAS is the best gift you can ever give your child. IAS, promises to offer your child the best school experience. Choose IAS so that your child enjoys a happy learning experience and you become a proud parent!.