Anuradha Jayaram

Founder & Chairman

“Awaken the Child’s potential and transform the world through education”


The world today is different than the world 30 years ago. With the advent of the Internet and a surge of new information technologies, a notable gap has formed between the generations. This gap emphasizes for a new kind of education to adhere to the needs of this new breed of children.

In today’s world, with the widespread of technology kids have increasingly easy and fast access to information. They can no longer be expected to learn effectively within the four walls of the classroom and blackboard.

“When we talk about the 21st century, we are talking about moving away from the past. The learners today are distinctly different. They are born into a difficult world… Technology has rewired their brains.”

To facilitate the process of learning and holistic development, at IAS, we follow ‘The Human Potential Framework’ developed by Chrysalis, the first integrated educational framework that focuses on nurturing the cognitive, social, emotional, metacognitive aspects of thinking during the formative years of a child, backed by 16 years of academic and field research.

At IAS, we want to provide our children with a fun, nurturing and curiosity-driven environment where they develop a love for learning and a grateful perspective towards their lives. We strive with the passion to shape the personality of the child and cater to their requirements during the crucial growth years. We will be the providers of values, skills, analytical knowledge and visual perception of interactive tools for their betterment as individuals.

IAS, Mandya will focus on a hands-on experience for children along with field trips, art-and-craft, dance, sand-play, pool parties, carnivals and special celebrations with family members that would include grandparents, as we all know that is the highest form of refuge that provides solace to the tender souls.

Our team of kid-loving and approachable teachers provide a nurturing and supportive environment for children. The children are given ample playtime and comfortably large premises dedicated to hop, skip, jump and explore! Through years of experience, we have observed that a mind in a state of unrest can never be all that it has the potential to. This led us to emphasize on meditation as a focusing technique for the easily strayed minds of our young ones. For the same purposes, we have a meditation hall and a grand tree (Ashoka) in our campus.

Trust and transparency is the foundation of any collaboration, and it is the trust you have in us, which gives us the confidence to promise a concrete foundation for a cherished childhood for your children. Because they are our children, too.

We strongly believe that the development of every child is the result of an efficient collaboration between their parents and the school. We work hard and meticulously plan our caregivers’ schedules to facilitate smooth communication with parents by specifically allotting dedicated time for the same. Let us join hands to enliven their environment, envision a brilliant place for them in the society and mold them into wielding charismatic personalities.