sd jayaram group

IAS (Inventure Ashoka Shala) is a part of prestigious SD Jayaram Group known for its mark in the field of education and healthcare providing the right to live to every underprivileged citizen.

Shri S.D.Jayaram(1950-1997) was an eminent leader in Mandya district coming from a very rural and humble background of a lower-middle-class family. He fought till his last breath for the upliftment of the downtrodden and the suppressed class. Though he was not good at studies, had good leadership qualities and abilities like Ashoka the great Mauryan emperor. His first political experiment was unsuccessful then he decided to join the hands-on Karnataka state riots (farmers) and became a popular leader among masses. His organizational abilities took him to join the Janata party led by Mr.Devegowda and thus began his political career. In 1985, he contested for assembly elections and became MLA and earned the best Mla award from then chief minister Shri Ramakrishna Hegade. Eventually, he became the mines and geology minister. He died an ultimate death as a minister living behind thousands of followers and unfinished dreams. To carry forward his dreams S D Jayram rural development foundation was established.

SD Jayaram Integrated Rural Development Foundation, The central focus of this organization is the upliftment of rural and unprivileged population mainly in the aspects of Health and Education. Mandya District in Karnataka being the head/central working location of our foundation, we dream towards a widespread enhancement of our organization and its activities across India.

Though India is known as a country of villages, we cannot deny the fact that the Villages(Rural India) are least considered when it comes to the matters of development and provision of basic amenities such as Electricity, Transportation, Water Supply, Healthcare, Educational centers etc.,

A Service motivated nonprofitable organization striving to shape up Rural India and it’s inhabitants who have always been deprived of all these modern amenities, the most important of them being Healthcare(for a sound body) and Education(for a sound mind) which are basic ingredients in Shaping up one’s personality.