IAS is committed to fulfilling the educational and developmental
requirements of every child in an extremely safe, caring and learning environment.

Blend of knowledge with values

IAS is committed to fulfilling the educational and developmental requirements of every child in an extremely safe and caring learning environment. Our aim is to provide the right blend of knowledge and values in order to create responsible citizens. The quality education we provide to our students empowers them to make the right choices in life and contribute to the community.

What’s special about our school is besides offering quality education it aims at gearing up students to become people with morals and values. Since every child is unique and has diverse dreams, abilities and aspirations, IAS embraces an innovative approach that ascertains “all round” development of every child.

Co-curricular Activities

Music is an important aspect of every tradition, culture, religion and place. IAS has a curriculum that offers children with a golden opportunity to not only practice vocals but also learn and play a range of musical instruments and express their feelings and thoughts in an artistic and creative way.
Dance is a unique way to enhance confidence, creativity and expression in a student. Dance curriculum at IAS is different for each age group/grade and each dance form. We keep upgrading ourselves with the latest dance styles, teaching methods and trends with the help of our well trained and experienced dance professionals.
Yoga and Meditation
In order to enable and empower students cope with the stresses of the mundane life and to help them shine in various aspects of life, IAS organizes well planned yoga and meditation classes on a regular basis. We have highly trained yoga teachers with us who are passionate about teaching young minds to obtain a perfect balance between their mind and the body, ultimately enabling them to relax, stay happy inside out and achieve their goals, both academic and personal.
Art and Craft
There is a power house of talent within every child. Art is an excellent way to express emotion and thought in a unique manner. IAS has a team of trained and qualified teachers to impart exclusive training in art & craft. From time to time, a variety of art and craft activities including drawing, painting, flower making, card making, board decoration, recycling waste items and doll making are organized. Students get abundant opportunities to learn and showcase their imagination skills.
At IAS, we give utmost importance to sports and physical development. Our school’s sports curriculum is well planned and designed to develop and improve the skills of students - strength, agility, speed, endurance, balance, flexibility, control, and so on. We strongly believe in mass participation, thereby exposing our students to numerous sports events held at other schools, cities and states. Our Physical Education teachers are vibrant and energetic with expertise and experience in various sports. They are fully qualified and trained to provide coaching for sports such as basketball, volley ball, football, tennis, and throw ball.
Debate and Discussion
Our school has an exclusive literary association that ensures there are regular debates and discussions held on various trending and important topics so that students are updated on the current affairs as well as exposed to a diverse range of information and wisdom.
IAS believes that children learning an incredible martial art such as karate show improved confidence and better performance in academics and other life activities. We have the best karate trainers with us who help the child to defend him/her at times of danger as well as prepare the child to face life with confidence. Moreover, learning karate helps a child to improve concentration levels and develop self discipline.
Festival Celebrations
As part of the school’s efforts to inculcate the appreciation of & respect for the rich cultural heritage and diversity of India in students as well as to reinforce national pride & respect for all in them, we celebrate numerous functions including Independence Day, Republic Day, Diwali, Dussehra, Holi, Christmas, Grandparents' Day, Gokulashtami, Raksha Bandhan, Teachers' Day, and Eid.

Social Responsibility

We make students understand that they are an integral part of the society and without their contribution the society they live in is incomplete. At IAS, we nurture our students to share their responsibilities at times of crisis and help the distressed all round the year. We encourage students to visit slums and donate essential items like clothes and other things to the poor and deprived.

Students should realize the significance of the connection between an individual and society. Nobody can live in complete isolation from community life. We educate students along these lines and motivate them to play a crucial role in enhancing and strengthening the society whenever required.