The school is fully equipped and functional with world class facilities / amenities
and a serene atmosphere, making it an ideal place for children to learn, play, grow and succeed.

IAS is strategically located in the vicinity of the Mandya Medical College. The school is fully equipped and functional with world class facilities / amenities and a serene atmosphere, making it an ideal place for children to learn, play, grow and succeed. Our school is an excellent blend of modernity and tradition – the much needed element for students today.

  • Strategically Located Next to Mandya Medical College
  • World Class Facilities
  • Separate Toilets for Separate Grades
  • Children Rest Room
  • Sacred Space in the School
  • A very Serene Atmosphere
  • State of Art Class Room
  • Small Learning Communities
  • Small Board Rooms
  • Fitness and Well Being
  • Outdoor Learning Zones
  • Auditorium
  • Computer Labs
  • AC Class Rooms for Summer Audio Visual Room
  • An Atmosphere of Tradition and Modernity
  • Trained many to take Care of Children
  • CC Camera Connected to the Class Rooms
  • Technology Driven
  • A Pantry for Children Food
  • A Dry Kitchen
  • Parent Library
  • Digital Literacy for Parents
  • 24x7 Online Support
  • Laboratories
  • Theme Park
  • Mobile Application
State of the Art Classrooms
At IAS, students learn in classrooms that are ergonomically designed equipped with SMART Boards. Smart classrooms are installed with Smart LED panels and Wi-Fi access points to provide seamless wireless coverage. Besides, the classrooms are well air conditioned, adding to the top notch infrastructure.
Children Rest Rooms
There are separate toilets for students, teaching and non-teaching staff. Besides, IAS has customized toilets for children based on their gender and grades. The toilets are cleaned and disinfected regularly and 100% hygiene is ensured. Also, there are trained nannies to take good care of younger children, as and when required.
Sacred Space in the School
The sacred space in IAS is a place of focus for students’ prayer. It serves as a space for reflection and a place dedicated to God. This area is calm and serene and helps students pour out their heart, pray and connect with the Ultimate.
Fitness and Well Being
IAS ensures students spend ample amount of time to focus on their physical fitness and well being. A range of sports are played at IAS including cricket, tennis, football, basketball, volley ball, and badminton to name a few. We have well trained physical instructors to take care of the physical activities of students. We also conduct regular yoga and counselling sessions to integrate the mind and body of students to lead a disciplined and orderly life.
Outdoor Learning Zones
IAS features exclusive outdoor learning zones including a garden and theme park – a space that helps students learn outside the classroom. These well designed outdoor learning zones provide an excellent opportunity to integrate nature with classroom learning. As students get outdoors and experience nature, they bring learning to life.
Auditorium at IAS features modern audio visual facilities coupled with a massive seating capacity. The auditorium hosts numerous events such as annual day functions and interschool contests. The room is air conditioned and armed with the latest projector and an effective modern light & sound system.
Audio Visual Rooms
IAS boasts of state-of-the-art Audio Visual rooms equipped with excellent audio-visual communication systems & techniques. By using such technology, we reinforce the benefits of interactive learning blended with visual stimuli.
Technology driven
We have the most modern equipment conforming to global standards to offer effective teaching and learning. The school is equipped with sophisticated facilities to enhance various skills of students. Furthermore, there are high quality CCTV cameras installed inside and outside of classrooms. The cameras can be connected to parents’ smartphones, enabling parents to have a close watch on their children anytime. Also, there are useful mobile applications for parents to track their child’s progress and to interact with the staff regarding any clarification or suggestion. Hence, there is 24x7 seamless online support.
Pantry for children food
At IAS, the cafeteria provides tasty, nutritious and hygienically made food where variety and quality are on par with food that’s served at home. There are water dispensers everywhere to provide safe drinking water. The dry kitchen at IAS is completely well maintained by trained staff and nannies. Also, there are trained and experienced nannies to take care of children, whenever necessary.
There are separate libraries for students, teachers and parents. The libraries are well stocked with books, national and international magazines, newspapers, desktop computers, reference materials, DVDs and CDs. The library enables students to have easy and quick access to necessary books. There are reading hour sessions for every grade on a regular basis. The library space is created in such a way as to offer a good learning ambience as well as provide sufficient space to research, collaborate, read, learn, share and relax. The exclusive library for parents adds great value to our infrastructure.
The modern and hi-tech laboratories at IAS fulfill all the international safety standards and standards of national & international curriculum. There are separate spacious labs for Biology, Physics, and Chemistry that are used to instill the spirit of inquiry and learning in young minds as well as enable them to discover the world beyond books.
Computer labs
Needless to say, computer is one of the most powerful tools of learning in this contemporary world. IAS has a fully equipped computer lab that helps not only in developing subject knowledge but also in developing skills that are related to exploring, processing, analyzing, processing, and presenting information or ideas. Loaded with the best facilities, our students benefit from an ideal atmosphere to learn and enjoy school life, free from anxiety.