Classroom environment affects a student’s learning process by as much as 25%. The learning environment is as equally important as learning. Just like technology and other projects have taken priority in schools, physical comfort during the school year should also be high on the list. This is why air conditioning is essential for schools.

At IAS, we understand the essence of this comfort for children and we ensure it through our large air-conditioned classrooms. Air conditioning offers a better way to keep both teaching staff and students comfortable in their learning environment. Here, we look at some of the benefits of installing air conditioning systems within a school setting.

1.Comfort in the learning environment

2.High level of concentration

3.Greater Flexibility

According to a study, when a classroom is too warm or cold, the brain doesn’t focus on learning. Instead, it is trying to solve how to get the body to cool down or warm up. How can students learn when their mind is focusing on something else?

we strongly believe that every child needs some space to grow. To provide this, we have given our students the large and spacious AC classrooms. Our creative and classy classrooms provide a perfect environment to make learning a pleasurable experience. Being one of the Best schools in Banglore, we are well-equipped with smart AC Campus with collaborative and digitalized teaching for active learning. Opportunities for innovative learning (beyond retrieving information) are the touchstone of the school’s curriculum.