Audio Visual Room creates a stimulating and interactive environment which is more effective for learning. Children learn differently and audio visual equipment gives teachers the chance to stimulate each child’s learning process with a combination of pictures, sounds and attention grabbing media. We are surrounded by audio visual equipment and children are keen to understand technology and keep up to date.

Audio-visual learning is always very effective and fast for children of age group 1.5-6years. They grasp the content well and understand the concept effectively. Children of 2-5 years of age group find audio-visual learning easy and interesting as compared to learning from books as it is monotonous sometimes.

At IAS, through this Audio-visual room students are shown stories, rhymes, cartoon films etc to enhance their vocabulary and social development.

Designing the environment means to create maximum opportunities for children to observe and work with several things which contribute to their understanding of man and the world. Looking at pictures, listening to a story, listening to recording of speeches of great men or the songs of great singers or the voices of birds and animals, playing with educational toys, working with building blocks, stringing beads, sorting color blocks and shapes, matching them to pieces of colored fabric, touching pet animals, looking at a puppet-show are some of the interesting activities which provide concrete learning experiences to children and help them to develop new attitudes towards learning