Children are the future of our country. While we aspire to give them great education, equal focus is required on their safety at all times.

Dolphin Student Care Tracking System enables upscale schools to closely track students both in the buses and within the school. This translates into requirement of student identification at the following points:-

  • Student detection on the bus during Pickup and Drop
  • Whilst entering and leaving the school premises
  • Attendance of students in Class Room/s
  • Student tracking at various areas such as the Library, Playgrounds etc.
  • Identification of persons authorized to pick up small children

The details of the tracking include:

A) When (Date-Time), Where (GPS Location), By Whom (Operator)
B) Instant SMS/Email alerts to parents

Benefits of Dolphin Technology

  • Better communication with parents/guardians about their wards
  • Improved relationship of school with parents/guardians
  • Anytime remote monitoring of students and instant alerts/ updates
  • Most efficient and effective secure access to students
  • Extendable to other activities like identification of Student pick up persons, use in Library and other cultural activities
  • Accounting of student whereabouts during and after school hours