Large, open-space learning areas are the signature feature of the 21st-century school environment.

The dynamics of classroom teaching is changing. With the introduction of wireless devices, teachers spend less time at the front of the classroom and more time interacting with the students, guiding them on a more individual level. As teaching continues to change, your classroom needs to change too.

In primary school classrooms, there should be designated areas for different activities – for example, space for the children to sit on the floor close to the whiteboard, reading corner, activity space and an area for creative play in the Early Years.

Well-designed classrooms are also easy to adapt, giving both students and teachers a sense of ownership for their space. Large classroom environment can have a major impact on creating a positive learning experience. It will enhance students’ wellbeing and create a learning space in which both students and teachers can perform to the best of their ability.

At IAS, we believe that children need space to grow and develop, and our large, free-flowing classrooms enable children of the same. Our students have ample rest and quiet areas with adjoining pantries, en-suite bathroom facilities and immediate access to the gardens.