The play area is the favorite place of every kid, with colourful, state-of-the-art play and climbing equipment suitable for children of all ages, there’s lots of fun to be had climbing, swinging and sliding. Playing is a spontaneous, rewarding and fun with several benefits:

  • Education
  • Social skills
  • cognition

A play is a way that children learn social skills. When children play with each other, they have to learn how to compromise, resolve conflict, and interact with others. Through play, children learn skills that will serve them for years to come in all aspects of their lives.

When your child is playing, whether during a game of tag with a friend or alone with their toys, they are having fun, so they are laughing. There is a reason they say that laughter is the best medicine; research shows that laughter is great for health. Laughter is the perfect way to instantly boost your mood and improve your psychological well-being. When your children laugh a lot, they are more likely to become healthy and happy adults.

At IAS, we consider every factor and prepare ourselves to give the best to every kid. When the temperatures soar, our children have extensive indoor play spaces to climb, run, jump and crawl through.

Our children live in a time of busy schedules and high expectations for achievement; we should take care to give them the time and space to discover the joy and benefits of free play.