Welcome to IAS - Yachenahalli

IAS – Vasthsalya Yachenahalli was founded in 1990 to offer quality education to the students of the region at a price affordable for all. It offers nursery as well as primary education and has already made its mark as a premier school in its locality. This website is to showcase the schools’ effective learning practices as well as the edutainment activities and events that our students partake in during their educational journey with us.

Focusing on the core values of Creativity, Pride, Responsibility, Confidence, Perseverance, Teamwork, Aspiration and Enjoyment, IAS strives to ensure that the first steps on the ladder of education are happy and rewarding for all its students. With a team of staff dedicated to offering the best that they could,  the students at IAS are provided immense support and assistance to develop into strong, confident, competent individuals.

Nadanandanatha Swamiji

Nadanandanatha Swamiji is a spiritual guru from Yachenahalli known for his devoted contribution to education, literature, and mitigation of poverty. Swamiji was born on 10th of March, 1956 to Sri Subbe Gowda and Smt Chikka Siddamma. He received his early education from Yachenahalli Government School and later studied at Mallikarjuna Swamy High school, Thuruganuru. He moved to Bangalore for further studies where pursued his pre-university and university education.

As a young boy, Swamiji was inspired by visionaries like Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and Sharada Devi, and extensively read the literary works of Kuvempu and Sri Swamy Vivekananda. His inherent liking for literature led him later on in his life to venture into writing poetry which brought him the reputation of a poet and writer. Owing to his love for his mother tongue, he took part in the Gokak agitation that was soaring at the time and was imprisoned in 1982. A firm believer in Democracy, he had previously taken part in the Jaya Prakash Movement that took place during 1976-77. Thus, Swamiji’s inclination towards spirituality, education and social activism began right during his college days.

In 1982, Swamiji founded a trust to support local cultural heritage. It brought him closer to society as a leader figure. Later, in 1988 he received his Sanyasa Deeksha from Swami Tapaswananda Maharaj marking the beginning of his selfless, saintly life devoted to the service of God and mankind. Since education was always at the top of his priority list, he founded Sri. Ramakrishna Sevakendra High School, in 1990, along with Kuvempu Vachanalaya. The Vachanalaya has a collection of over 7000 books.

In recognition of his service to humanity, Swamiji was granted Sansyathatva by Balagangadharanatha Swamy in 2006. For his contribution to regional Kannada literature, he was honoured with Janapada Loka Award and Kuvempu Sri Award. His meritorious literary works include Marula Siddana Kagga, Bholenatha Darshana, Siddha Shivayogiya Vachanagalu, Thayi Beru, Jade Gubbi, Manikya Deepthi, Nivedane, etc. and represent the spiritual history of Kannadigas. His next idea is to found a Kuvempu Memorial to preserve Kannada literature and an old age home to provide support to the elderly people.