Our Journey

The main motto was to provide skill-based education for children
in the rural areas, facilitate employment opportunities and eventually empower their families.

Our Visionary S.D. Jayaram (1950-1997)

S.D. Jayaram was a distinguished personality in Mandya district. He came from a humble background of a lower middle class family, from a rural area. Until his last breath, he worked for the progress of the suppressed class, especially poor farmers. While he was not a studious student, he possessed great leadership qualities and potentials of a good organizer. He strongly believed that education is the real empowerment for a society and it should be made available to all sects of the society. He wished for equal opportunity for everyone in terms of education and employment.

SD Jayaram Group of Institutions

SD Jayaram Group of Institutions had its humble beginnings in the year 2006 when its first educational institution – SD Jayaram School of Nursing was set up. The vision of this institution was to ensure education for everyone, especially the downtrodden and people in the rural area who find it challenging to access and/or afford quality education.

The nursing institution was established in 2006 with just 40 admissions. Since then, we have seen only growth and there was no turning back. SD Jayaram School of Nursing has been creating rank holders every year for the state, hitting the Top 3 or Top 5 ranks. It is certainly one of the best institutions Karnataka has and is the number one school in the district of Mandya.

As the nursing school turned out to be a huge success, we started paramedical courses in the year 2010 with an intake of 60 students. Paramedical courses were also included with the same motto of transforming the lives of the rural children, especially girls and women and uplifting their families by empowering them through education as well as ensuring that every student is placed in a different skill-based sector, ultimately providing them the much needed social and economical empowerment coupled with financial independence.

After four years, in 2014, we added three more paramedical courses to upgrade and strengthen the Paramedical Division. Currently, we have six paramedical courses with a total intake of 200 admissions every month.

With 12 years of experience in nursing and paramedical education, we stepped into our new venture of kindergarten and primary school education. Our new venture was started under the name IAS – Inventure Ashoka Shaala. The first year itself was a huge hit with all seats filled! In the year 2019, we extended the school up to fifth grade and in 2020, we took it to 8th grade.

Our curriculum at IAS is woven throughout with unique programs that represent an innovative and distinctive approach to education that motivates and engages students through one-of-its-kind learning experiences and opportunities. We ensure that at every age, students dive deeper in their interests, boosting their creative and critical thinking skills and exploring more about themselves as well as the world around them.

We believe that education is one of the most crucial means of empowering women with the skills, knowledge, and self-confidence necessary to fully participate in the development process. Education has a tremendous impact not just on their own development but on their families and communities as well. The main motto was to provide skill-based education for children in the rural areas, facilitate employment opportunities and eventually empower their families. Simply put, the whole journey started with the aim of empowering the marginalized people both socially and economically through quality education and easy access to employment.